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June 5th...

261874_764053643674_1427594025_n Hi everyone! I was thinking about how many musicians would like to get lessons and improve the strength of their fingers. I know that piano lessons with a teacher can be costly. So with that in mind, as of June 5th, 2014, I will be selling piano exercises that have audio and the corresponding MIDI files on my new website, Pricing and other information will be on the site as well. Just click on "store" to access the exercises!

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi everyone! This is Garnet Walters. I am a musician! I play the piano. I also compose, arrange, and produce music. I love music and everything about it. This blog is about whatever comes to my mind musically that I would share with others, especially musicians that need advise or inspiration. I love to help others and be a resource. I will have clips of music that I am playing, practicing, composing as well as tutorials (It's called Musical Wisdom which is on my YouTube page). It's nice to meet you as well!